Hello, I am Rowen.

Welcome to my page. Here you can get to know me a little. But first, the introduction:

I'm Rowen Forman, creative programmer and data specialist. My work centers around the creation of interactive systems using data. The marriage of the power of data with the investigative capability of interaction is what I personally find the most beautiful. Have a look at my work and see how my journey fares.

Sentiment or Detriment

Social Media message data visualized as a timeseries.

A powerful investigative tool for social Social Media analysis, this tool combines categorical filters with a finegrained temporal control, enabling in depth inference and an overview at a glance. Click to view.

Global of Terrorism

A geospatial history of terrorism visualized in 3D.

An entry to 2019's Information is Beautiful contest, this exploratory interactive exposition brings a history of terror into a 3-dimensional space. Click to view.

KDE AID Trajectories

Innovating the visualization of movevement trajectories with KDE

Movement over time is notoriously difficult to visualize effectively. In this project, I use Kernel Density Estimation and inspiration from Ant Colony Optimization problems to attempt to innovate in this domain. Click to view.